Secure & Streamline Your Inbound Calls
Secure & Streamline Your Inbound Calls
End-to-end encypted caller verification.

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Simple. Powerful.

Sits on top of your existing CCaaS solution.

Caller Verification

Verifying callers is an important step for inbound call centers, but consumes valuable handle minutes. Let us solve this for you, and free up agent time so they can add the most value.


Getting bounced from agent to agent is frustrating for customers, and costly for the business. Explore our modern solution to this age-old problem which takes the IVR and flips it on its head.


We architected our cloud solution from the ground-up to protect you from fraudsters, phishing and ATOs in a way other solutions can't. We use end-to-end encryption for extra layer of security.

Use Cases

Quick Deployment. Immediate ROI.

  • Banking
  • Eliminate account takeovers and synthetic fraud by fortifying against attack vectors using your IVR, KBA, and ANI.

  • Healthcare
  • Book more appointments. Take more phone payments. Power through peak call loads without burning out your staff.

  • Utilities & Telecom
  • Consumers have more choice than ever. Customers reporting a poor customer experience a 24% higher rate of churn.

What's our mission?

The status quo in inbound calling is broken. Very broken. And we're on a mission to fix it.

Callers are frustrated with long queues. They are fed up with repeating their personal information multiple times. The despise being transfered from agent to agent, department to department. And they don't enjoy being asked to speak their needs to the AI, only to have it misunderstand them over and over.

A $10 Billion security hole

What's more, the standard for caller verification across the industry - Knowledge-Based Authentication - is actually very weak from a security standpoint. It is only secured by PII information that is available widely on the Internet. Fraudsters have little trouble impersonating your customers. Yet, companies are collectively spending $10B on this process today, according to ContactBabel's 2021 report.

Confedy for the Win

There is a better way to secure your inbound calls against identity fraud while also greatly improving the customer experience. The Confedy platform can be thought of like a "pre-check" authorization that saves time with every call. It does not require you to trust inbound caller id, or to ask your callers a handful of personal questions. Instead, it works through multi-factor authentication and end-to-end data encryption and is a seamless experience for callers. But you have to see it to believe it. Schedule your demo today.


Security Checkup

Chances are the way you are handling inbound contacts today is leaving you vulnerable to identity fraud. Let us do a 30-minute security audit with you to identify any gaps in your armour.

  • Caller Verification.       There are myriad ways of exposing security vulnerabilities during caller verification that one can hardly count them. But we did anyway. And we'll go through each loophole that threat hackers use to exploit your verification process.
  • Social Engineering.       Even with a sound plan on caller verification, the simplest approach to skirting security is by tricking people, and we'll help you spot the processes that can tightened up to minimize this risk.

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See what people have to say


Frank P.


We'd like to have the ability to do a screen-pop, so agents can have the customer's background at their fingertips. But with our BPO that hadn't been possible before.


Jessica W.


75% of our calls required transfers. Minimizing those transfers brings the experience way up, and starts the call in a much better place.


Pablo R.


We have skills-based routing, but also wanted to give a better experience for priority accounts based on spend.


Patricia B.

Higher Education

Reducing the AHT by 10% is really impressive. What's more, the authentication protocol is much stronger now so I worry less about identity fraud.